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Cats are born from a cup of glass - Cat Glass Clock

Life with Cat glass clock

I wish she would go home already...
I'm busy with the laundry, and I still have to do the shopping for dinner.

Oh, by the way, I found something really interesting the other day. Look, it's an iPad app.
See, if you touch it like this, the cats move. Uh-huh, isn't it cute? Yes, it's very fun. I play with it in my free time. Right, clocks fall down too. But, oh my, is it that time already? Oh no, don't worry about staying so long. Please come over again!

App Description

Cat glass clock is the app for iPad.

Cats are born from a cup of glass. And they are disappeared.
Please enjoy the surreal world.



Basic Information

  • App Name : Cat glass clock
  • Device : iPad
  • Price : 1.99USD