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Generate the rotation pattern! Dr. Mandala

App Description

Dr. Mandala is an application that enjoy the change of pattern, such as kaleidoscope.
Pattern is drawn when you tap the rotated canvas.

A variety of patterns will be generated.
Please change the shape and color of the brush, or the position and timing to tap the canvas.
When you looking at rotated patterns, you might get a feel deep in meditation.


  • When changing to auto mode, computer makes patterns for you.
  • Upgrading to the paid version allows hides ads, and pictures to be saved.


Basic Information

  • App Name : Dr. Mandala
  • Requirements : iPhone / iPod touch / iPad
  • Price : Free


How to use

Tap operations

  • Tap with one finger to draw a dot on the canvas
  • Drag with one finger to scroll across the canvas
  • Press and hold with one finger to turn the color palette display on or off
  • Pinch with two fingers to zoom in or out on the canvas
  • Press and hold with two fingers to go to the bottom menu (see below)
  • Tap with three fingers to return the canvas to the original position

Color Palette

Press and hold with one finger to turn the color palette display on or off.

  • Tap or drag on the palette to choose the color of the dots
  • The RGB settings for the palette can be changed on the Settings screen

Setting Screen

  1. Change the dot size (5 levels)
  2. Change the dot shape (2 patterns)
  3. Turn the grid (to guide the dots) on or off
  4. Turn the random dot transparency level setting on or off
  5. Change the color palette. It is possible to have up to 10 palettes, each with 12 colors

Shaking operations

  • Shake the iPhone/iPod Touch to rotate the canvas
  • Continue to shake it to speed up the rotation

Bottom Menu

Press and hold with two fingers to go to the bottom menu.

  1. New: clears the canvas
  2. Save: saves the canvas
  3. Load: loads an image from your photo album
  4. Center: returns the canvas to the original position
  5. Setting: change settings
  6. Help: displays the user guide

Warnings for Users

Staring for prolonged periods at rapidly rotating pictures may cause nausea. If this happens, please stop using this application immediately.

Sample Images

These images were painted with Dr. Mandala.
I have used Dr. Mandala, TiltShift Generator and Polarize.

You can use an image that you have created and saved as a foundation and freely manipulate it.
Below is an animated GIF that simulates the functions of Dr. Mandala.

rotation image