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Let's make dancing puppets! Puppet Cam

App Description

Puppet Cam is an application that uses the camera on your iPhone to create a puppet.
You can have fun by changing your children, family, pets or even friends into a puppet, and make them spin and dance around.
Whether for keeping children entertained, or for having fun at a drinking party, there are many different ways and places to use and enjoy this app.



Puppet Cam画像キット

Basic Information

  • App Name : Puppet Cam
  • Price : Free


How to play

How to make a puppet

First, let's go to camera screen and make a puppet!

Take a picture and create a puppet.
Adjust the distance so that the subject fits in the frame.


Call a puppet you created to the playground, and let's play.
Touch the puppet, and when you let go it will start dancing.
Touch and drag different places to create a fun dance.

If you hold down the paint can on the puppet for about one second, you can change the puppet's color.

Puppet Select Screen

Call selected puppet to the playground.

Your friendship with the puppet is shown with a heart symbol.
You become friends by playing with the puppet on the playground.